Conflit au Moyen-Orient


On behalf of the women who suffered the hell of Ravensbrück and the survivors who left us as witnesses the hope of a world without wars and conflicts, we condemn the sudden and violent aggression of Hamas against Israel and its people, which has caused more than 1000 victims among the civilian population, children, women, defenceless men, killed by rockets or taken hostage. This ruthless aggression, which not only offends humanity in its magnitude and cruelty, is also counterproductive for the Palestinian people, who risk losing even more of their right to exist,

The dimensions of the attack are such that the consequence will be a violent response from Israel, which has the right to defend itself, hopefully within the limits of international law. But we know that the retaliation will be very harsh and that more lives will be lost in this endless war that has been burning the Middle East for 70 years in a situation that has been allowed to deteriorate.

Our thoughts and our solidarity go to those who have lost their lives, their homes and their freedom on both sides, because no military operation will be able to resolve this conflict and the devastation of this latest war will once again have been in vain.

Unfortunately, we have to note once again that the teachings of the deportees and all the victims of the Second World War have not succeeded in defeating violence, which only encourages more violence and certainly does not contribute to a more just world.

Comité Internationale de Ravensbrück 11 /10 / 2023
Présidente Ambra Laurenzi