Executive Committee



Ambra Laurenzi

13.12.1949 Photographer, Teacher

Daughter of Mirella Stanzione (11.03.1927) and granddaughter of Nina Tantini, both of whom were deported to Ravensbrück because of their participation in the resistance against the fascist regime


Vice President


Hanna Nowakowska , née Ciszewska

born August 3, 1952 in Warsaw

Philologist, project coordinator member of the Program Council of the Brandenburg Memorial Foundation

Daughter of Janina Ciszewska, née Buszkowska, born on May 25, 1922 (Ludwikovo) - May 1, 2014 and the granddaughter of Władysława Buszkowska born on March 3, 1902 - April 12, 1978

both were deported to Ravensbrück during the Warsaw Uprising, Ravensbrück: 09/08/1944 - April 1945

General Secretary


Jeanine Bochat

born 20.06.1948, Berlin

Granddaughter of Erna Lugebiel (08/24/1898 - 11/17/1984, master tailor);

she remained human even in difficult times and courageously helped the persecuted without regard to threatened reprisals; political prisoner in Ravensbrück: November 1944 - May 1st,1945


Vice General Secretary


Šárka Kadlecová

Granddaughter of Miloslava Kalibová, b. Suchánková (december 29, 1922 in Lidice - december 27, 2019) who was deported to Ravensbrück with her mother and sister after the massakre in Lidice; Ravensbrück: June 13, 1942 - April 28, 1945



Marie-France Cabeza-Marnet

born on November 19, 1948 in Puteaux (Seine), administrative officer, currently retired.

Daughter of Angèla Cabeza (Dezember 28, 1915 in Spain - December 21, 1992 á Fleury-Mérogis, France, deported to Ravensbrück for participating in the resistance against the German occupiers: May 1944, then Zwodau (Flossenbürg concentration camp) - May 8, 1945


Vice Treasurer


Françoise Marchelidon

born in September 1949, Tailor, Fashion desingner; currently retired.

Daughter of Odette Metais Marchelidon, (February 25, 1922 - October 28, 2006), politically persecuted during the Naziera and deported to Ravensbrück Ravensbrück: April 22, 1944, Holleischen command: September 1, 1944 - May 5, 1945