Gabriela Havlůjová

Vice General Secretary of the IRK

Gabriela Havlůjová, Foto: J. Bochat
Gabriela Havlůjová, Foto: J. Bochat

I am a friend of Jaroslava Skleničková, née Suchánková, the last surviving woman from Lidice.

The stories of the Suchánek sisters not only motivated me to study history with a focus on war history, but also to reconstruct the death march of the women from Lidice, which I completed myself in 2017.

The inner strength the women found to survive at the end of the war is admirable. Jaroslava Skleničková remembers Ravensbrück not only as a place of torment and tragedy, but on the contrary emphasises the unbreakable friendship and enormous solidarity of some fellow prisoners, which saved her and many others' lives.