We are now online


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to be able to present the website of the International Ravensbrück Committee to you. In the pages of the site you will find the history of the Camp, of the Committee, its statute, the names that make up the presidency, the names of all the delegates and wich countries they represent. You will scroll through the images of some of the ex-deportees and you will read personal stories which I ask you not to regard as stories that have been lost in time, now after 76 years .These stories belong to us and reach us today, also thanks to the internet. That is why we hope to be able to share them with many people. The values that the Committee wants to pursue, to which the women of Ravensbrück have given a first strong impetus, are still current and we hope that the site also offers the possibility of an exchange between the members of the Committee and those who will surf these digital pages, wishing to ask questions or share thoughts. I wish you a good experience.

Thank you all Ambra Laurenzi

February 15th 2021