Statement by the President on the situation in IRAN


We cannot watch in silence the struggle that is taking place in Iran, between an authoritarian and fundamentalist government and the women and men who have been fighting for months to see basic human rights recognised. The assassination, a few months ago, of the young Masha Amini, guilty of not wearing the veil according to the dictates of religious orthodoxy, created a reaction from Iranian women who immediately mobilized, taking to the streets with their heads uncovered. They were also joined by young Iranian men for this battle which is about the defense of rights and which has already caused 250 deaths in the clashes. We are heirs of a legacy in defense of the dignity of the person and the protection of rights, for this reason we support the struggle of Iranian women, asking that respect for the life of every human being and recognition of their rights be protected.

Ravensbrück International Ravensbrück President Ambra Laurenzi