Inauguration of a memorial plaque for Hilda Synková


The Czech Hilda Synkova was prisoner in Ravensbrück from January 1942 until the camp was liberated in April 1945. After the war she was political active and became Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and she was instrumental in the establishment of the first Czechoslovakian penicillin factory. In 1955 the square where the town hall is was called Synkova square and a commemorative plaque was placed on the house where she was born in 1956. The house is now the town hall. For unknown reasons the commemorative plaque disappeared many years ago and it has been nobody remembers what was mentioned on the plaque. A couple of years ago Ib Katznelson – who was prisoner in Ravensbrück when he was 2 years old – found out that Hilda Synkova took care of him when he was seriously ill in the camp and most likely was the one who saved him from being send to Auschwitz. My cooperation with Milena Kovarikova has meant that there is now a real sign on the square and on 28 June there will be a commemorative ceremony in Brumov-Bylnice at which a new plaque will be erected.