Meeting on the history of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp in Poland

Teilnehmer des Treffens 1971
Teilnehmer des Treffens 1971

Participants at the conference regarding the history of the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp begin their meetings in Warsaw-Jaszowiec and Krakow, Poland by honouring the victims of Auschwitz.

1971 Auschwitz

Guided by Polish historian, Wanda Kiedrzynska, the issue of a written history of Ravensbrück is raised.

By now, the number of such books in the world is in the hundreds, but the survivors themselves first promoted this research. Among the most active in this field were Erika Buchmann, Wanda Kiedrzynska, Dagmar Hajková, Germaine Tillon and others. Minutes of this historical conference of the IRC on the subject “Resistance in Ravensbrück” are published in several languages.