Angèle Cabeza

28.12.1915 in Spain, Magaz de Cepeda - 21.12.1992 in Fleury-Mérogis,

Ravensbrück: 18. 05. 1944, septembre 1944 satellite camp at Zwodau (KZ Flossenbürg), March 1945 satellite camp at Graslitz - liberation on 8. 05.1945

In Morsang a street was named after her in 2015.

Angèle Cabeza was born in in Magaz de Cepeda, Spain on 28.12. 1915. She moved to France at the age of 15.

Even at a young age, she was active in the trade union movement, the Communist Youth and the International Red Cross. After France was occupied by German troops, she becam a sergant in the Front National. She produced and distributed leaflets for the Rèsistance.

In March 1941 she was arrested. After inprisonment in prisons at Corbeil, Roquette, Fresnes and Romainville, she was deported to Ravensbrückin 1944. There she was given prisoner number 39144.

She was transferred by the SS to the satellite camp at Zwodau with the same transport as Claudine Fourel. They were both moved in March 1945 to the sateliie camp at Graslitz, witch was liberated on May 8, 1945.

After 1945, Angèle Cabeza worked as a secretary for the Féderation Nationale des Déportés et Internés, Résistants et Patriots (FNDIRP).

She died in 1992 in Fleury-Mérogis. In Morsang a street was named after her in 2015.

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