Bente Borsum

born 1934 in Oslo

daughter of: Lise Børsum 1898 – 1985 Ravensbrück: as NN-prisoner, 13. June 1943 – 08. April 1945,

Lise Børsum


I am born in 1934, and I am a new member this year of the IRC, taking over from Nelly Langholm, former prisoner in Ravensbrück. I remember everything from the war, especially that my mother was away from me for two long years. Later, after having finished high-school, I was accepted as a student at The Norwegian State Department of Dramatic Art, and has had a long and fruitful career in the theatre world all my life. I have a daughter and three grand-children. In later years I have performed a monologue based on my mothers book «Fange i Ravensbrück»