Vera Modjawer

born on 24.01.1950 in Vienna deceased on 03/26/2023 in Vienna daughter of Barbara (Betty) Hirsch, née Wentz 06.10.1919 - 15.01.1996 Auschwitz: until January 1945 Ravensbrück: January 1945 - 28 April 1945

Barbara (Betty) Hirsch, née Wentz

Kindergarten educator

Vera Modjawer IRK-Sitzung 2013, Foto: J. Bochat
Vera Modjawer IRK-Sitzung 2013, Foto: J. Bochat

I was born on 24.01.1950 in Vienna. My parents gave me the opportunity to use my creativity in daily life. Likewise, they taught me to question things and still look to the future with relish, humor and positivity. After my school career and training, I worked as a kindergarten teacher. Afterwards I worked for 24 years as a director in kindergartens, after-school care centers. Privately I accompanied six children (one of them was my own) on their way through life. Both were a lot of fun and joy for me. Since a few years I am retired. The Austrian Camp Community & Girlfriends is very important to me: in memory of my parents and their important work in the resistance. I was lucky to meet many interesting people, to fight many a battle with them and also to experience some successes. The memorial is for me a place of reminder: why was it possible in a civilized world to operate such camps and to do so with the knowledge of civil society outside the camps? This and its consequences should not be forgotten, so that something like this can never happen again. There should be peace and people should be able to meet each other respectfully in peace and without hatred. Vera died on 26.03.2023 in Vienna.