To the comrades of the national resistance organizations, June 30. 1958


Dear comrades, 1. To make plans for the Ravensbrück Museum we must hold an urgent meeting of the International Ravensbrück Committee in late July in Berlin. We ask you to inform the elected delegates from your country and to assist them in planning the trip to Berlin. Where no representative has as yet been elected for the International Ravensbrück Committee we ask you to delegate a Ravensbrück comrade who has shown interest in camp history or in plans for the museum in Ravensbrück. This is urgently necessary because the one subject to be discussed at the Berlin meeting will be: "The present level of planning for a Ravensbrück Museum and the tasks which arise from it.".

  1. In our circular letter in March we asked you to tell us whether your national committee is interested in having its own room in the Ravensbrück Museum devoted to the memory of women from your country who died at Ravensbrück

  2. Preparations for the Ravensbrück Museum have advanced so far that it is urgently necessary for delegates to bring with them to the Berlin meeting all objects and documents collected thus far in their countries for the museum or, at the very least, a written list of exhibits which they will bring later

  3. If you intend to bring roses from your country for the mass grave in Ravensbrück, as discussed in our circular bulletin in March, we suggest that you send the rosebushes with your delegates – for roses of all shades of red. If this is not possible we ask you to refrain from sending any roses until early next year, since they do not prosper if planted during the cold months