The IRC supports the following resolution: May 8th is to be the day of liberation


May 8th - Liberation Day Appeal to the members of the European Parliament Decided during the meeting of the Ravensbrück / Freundeskreis camp community from October 15-16, 2021 in Fürstenberg (Havel) -Ravensbrück The camp community Ravensbrück / Freundeskreis e.V. (LGRF) calls the members of the European Parliament to declare May 8th as the day of liberation across Europe. The members of the Ravensbrück / Freundeskreis camp community are deeply concerned about the political and social situation in Europe: through violent Radicalism and extremism, innocent people lose their lives, right-wing extremists Groups are gaining popularity, political parties on the far-right fringes of society record worrying votes, the dismantling of elementary Fundamental rights such as the independence of the judiciary or the freedom of the press are in some places no more taboo. Our recently deceased member Esther Bejarano, survivor of the Concentration camps Auschwitz and Ravensbrück, described the situation with the words "The house is burning". We, the members of the Ravensbrück / Freundeskreis camp community, warn: It has already started in a similar way. The result was around 60 million deaths and the destruction of large parts of Europe. Only with the unconditional surrender of the German Wehrmacht on May 8, 1945, Europe and thus Germany was liberated from the fascist barbarism of the Nazi regime. May 8th as the Europe-wide day of liberation is intended to be a reminder and a reminder. He should remember the countless victims in the concentration camps, the fallen soldiers the fronts of a criminal war and to the victims of the civilian population. He should at the same time make it clear in a warning where intolerance, national arrogance, Racial hatred, anti-Semitism and antigypsyism result when extremists get the upper hand in win our society. This appeal is made by the International Ravensbrück Committee, the representatives and Representatives from 16 European countries are supported.