The International Committee of Ravensbrück rejects the war.


After the end of World War II in 1945, Europe had hoped to stop hearing the noise of guns and seeing people fleeing tanks and bombing raids. This was not the case and over the years we have seen other wars explode in Europe. One of the hopes of Europeans emerging from the war was to look to a future in which not only there would be no more wars, but also that the differences in nationality, language and origin would be overcome. If, on the one hand, we observe positively that the European population today is multi-ethnic and that the differences in origin and language are an integral and enriching part of our experience, on the other hand, we witness claims of territory and power that are ancient in origin and struggles without attempting to find solutions through mediation. The Ravensbrück International Committee expresses its dismay at what is happening in Ukraine and rejects any military action. This is the legacy that has been left to us and that we must spread and pursue.

The president

Ambra Laurenzi

March 2022