IRC Conferenz 19.10.-21.10.23


The CIR-IRK took place again this year (from October 19 to 21) on the grounds of the Ravensbrück Memorial.

This year there were twenty members from from the following 12 countries: Denmark, Germany, Austria,, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Six simultaneous translations were provided. Marie France Cabeza-Marnet and Dominique Villard took the minutes. Anne Cordier was appointed moderator of the meeting. The 2022 minutes were adopted unanimously. The Chair (Ambra Laurenzi) presented her report, which was adopted unanimously. The Treasurer presented the accounts with document documented. All participants are up to date with their contributions. The discharge was unanimous. This year, elections were held as scheduled. Ambra Laurenzi (Italy) was unanimously re-elected as President. Marie-France Cabeza-Marnet (France) was also re-elected as Treasurer and Françoise Marchelidon as Deputy Treasurer. Jeanine Bochat (Germany) was re-elected as Secretary General. She had asked for support. Gabriela Havlujova (Czech Republic) agreed to do so and was elected Deputy Secretary General. Much applause for this unanimous election The election of the Vice Presidents then took place. Hanna Nowakowska (Poland), Vanda Straka-Vrhovnik (Slovenia) and Siegrid Fahrecker (Austria) were nominated and elected. Day 2. A topic for in-depth work on is proposed The theme proposed was the return of the deportees, their silence and the impact of this silence on their daughters. Flowers were laid at the memorial to the deceased and at the Wall of Nations. Continuation of the work. Reports from members on their activities. The question of the host country for the 2024 Congress was raised. So far there is no candidate. The third day. Visit to Retzow-Rechlin, a small work camp work camp (earthworks on the airfield), 30 km away, which is little known.

Reception by town councillors and Constance Jaiser from the the Federal Academy for Cultural Education. The visit was The visit was very moving, especially for Dominique, whose mother was one of the deportees. Lunch at the invitation of the city councillors. Discussion about a project for a boat landing stage near Ravensbrück. Andrea will take care of this clarify the matter with the Fürstenberg town council. The congress ends with Ambra's closing remarks and dinner at the invitation of the mayor of Fürstenberg.

Dominique Villard

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