Anna Henriette Wegner Bie Lorentzen, née Haagaas

18.07.1911 in Oslo – 23.08.2001 Teacher and Journalist

political prisoner, „Nacht – und -Nebel (NN)“ Ravensbrück: 19. April 1944 – 07. April 1945,

liberation by the Swedish Red Cross, „White Busses“

Anna Henriette Wegner Bie Lorentzen
Anna Henriette Wegner Bie Lorentzen

Teacher and journalist Henriette Bie Lorentzen had joined the resistance with her husband after the occupation of Norway. She was pregnant when she was captured and tortured by the Gestapo in summer of 1943. After giving birth, she was able to hand the baby over to family members with the help of an Austrian physician.

Henriette Bie Lorentzen was taken in early April 1944 first to the Grini Prison Camp and then, on the same transport with Dagny Nielsen, to the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp.

One year later, on April 7th, she was liberated and brought to Sweden with the help of the Swedish Red Cross.

When the resistance fighter returns to her home city of Oslo in summer of 1945, she sees her child again.

sources: Archiv MGR, Haft-Nr: 35614 and Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin (textes of exhibition in 2015: „1945 – Niederlage.Befreiung.Neuanfang“)